I have just been to the talk about an open web app store, interesting and yes we need something way for the users and the developers to meet, and maybe for a small fee make their exchange.

Now the question in the session was if Mozilla in some way should be involved in creating such a beast. Yes, I think we should help to promote the exchange off apps – but should it be in some kind of store? – The problem with creating such a thing, in my eyes, is that its like saying there should only be one search engine, and it should be the creators of that engine that should decide how the individual apps are judged.

Now you could say that it is free for anyone to create their own app store – but that gives the problem that my small and unknown store might not attract the developers – like you would have multiple search engines, each searching in its own set of pages – wouldn’t it be better to create some kind of protocol, so I, as a developer can host the app where I want to – could even be on my own server – and then the stores could pick the apps up from whatever place they wanted?

Wouldn’t it be nice that if I found a cool app, I could write about in a blog post – and “sell” it from the blog post, so the people that was reading it, could just – with a single click – buy it from within my post – I could link to it from my facebook wall, and my friends could buy it from within facebook? – how the technicalities of micro payments should be handled can be discussed, but it should be possible to integrate into the server that is hosting the app, by letting that communicate with the server that is hosting the selling page, or the server dealing with the payment… many people know more about how to make this secure for both seller and buyer than me 🙂

Or maybe it is just a dream that this could be possible?