As I posted some hours ago, I was quite frustrated about the build system, it haven’t lessened in the meantime smiley So initially I got it linking again on my system back home, but as that is a 64-bit Ubuntu and my laptop is only running a 32-bit version it didn’t help me much except for verifying that the source code was OK. (My outgoing internet connection is too slow for me to run any GUI apps remotely, gotta upgrade it when I come back home)

So knowing it could be the build system I tried about every trick that I knew of to trigger what ever it is that needs to be triggered – deleting the objdir, deleting the generated/cached files in the source tree…. but still I got the same linker error smiley I even went to the point where I started using a hex-editor to verify that the version of the libraries that I was linking with did indeed have the name in them that the linker was complaining about – they did…

So in a last desperate attempt to bypass the problem I changed the order of the packages in the “” file, so the package (“gstreamer-base-0.10”) that contained the lib (“libgstbase-0.10”) that had the symbol (“gst_push_src_get_type”) became the first packaged mentioned. A rebuild later (now on my fast-but-slow-compared-to-my-desktop laptop) the error had gone – the software now linked smiley

Guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised, as it was the same pattern I saw earlier today. Being curius, I tried to move it back, and guess what…. it still compiled and linked – one word: ARggggghhh – another day almost wasted smiley