So why am I happy ? – well, first of all I went to the dentist today, so I don’t have to think about dentists until next winter 🙂 – and secondly because after several working days of going around in small circles and trying to figure out the buildsystem, GStreamer etc. I now have my own source plugin, that registers with the GStreamer framework and most importantly can be created by the gstreamer factory call like:

GstElement *streamerSource = gst_element_factory_make(“nsGStreamSource”, nsnull);

I think I with this passed an important step in the process smiley

I also did some changes for improved error handling and preparing the code that I build on top of for multiple video sources running silmuntanously – and last but not least fixed the cleanup code so it nicely releases the resources that it has aquired.

I’ll try to make a GStreamer plugins for dummies page while I still remember what I did 🙂