I’m one happy man right now 🙂 as you know if you follow this blog, I have been using Scratchbox under Ubuntu (Linux) to compile for the Nokia device – now I quite like Linux but I also like visual and userfriendly GUI tools 🙂

My main tool when looking in code is Source Insight, I haven’t found any other tool that helps so much when trying to understand code – but guess what I now have it running in Linux by the help of wine, it was just so easy:

sudo apt-get install wine

Then I went to the homepage of source insight, downloaded the windows version… well, the only version… it installed, and fired up – that’s it – a few minutes to create a project and scan the files, and I was ready to go – maybe later I will try with Beyond Compare the best compare tool – like the new 3-way merge they have made 🙂

Now I’m seriously considering kicking Vista out from my private desktop and using Linux for everything 🙂 – might do a dual boot for the rare ocasion where I want to play a game.