So there I were, getting the compile going, and I realised that I actually didn’t know what kind of framework it was that I was going to make this library work with. So I started to backtrace the code from the point where the codec is created – this resulted in these notes.

The idea is that I’ll start to document my understanding of each of the functions in the nsMediaDecoder interface that I need to modify to get the compile going, later I might expand this to a bigger subset of the functions in the interface. The idea being that if I find something, then I better write it down. – if it is trivial, then it’s fast to write down, if it isn’t trivial then I’ll probably be happy that I wrote it down if I need to go back to the function at a later time 🙂

I made a document to keep track of the individual functions (it’s blank as I write this) that can be found here.