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This used to be the place where I wrote stuff I was thinking about while working on the Mozilla project.

Maybe in the near future I'll start to update it again as I'm involved in a couple of new open-source projects - updates pending...

Visio or not

Random Posted on 24 Mar, 2009 23:03:23

Usually when I have been documenting flows and statemachines I have been using MS Visio, unfortunately I no longer hold a license to this very usefull program, so I set out to find a proper freeware program to help me.

The editor in OpenOffice that I use instead of the MS Office programs really isn’t comparable to what I’m used to from Visio (or it might be that I just don’t know how to use that program), so I ruled that out pretty fast.

Searching the net I ended up on the “Open source as an alternative” page, I didn’t know it before, but it seems quite interesting, if you know a comercial program that you would like a free version of, then this page could help you.

Previously I have always gone to tucows to search for free software, but I’ll give osalt a go too in the future.

I tried a couble of apps, but never did find one that looked usefull, and was able to export the drawings in .png or another format that is suitabel for including on Web pages 🙁

How is the decoder initialised?

GStreamer Posted on 24 Mar, 2009 22:43:37

So there I were, getting the compile going, and I realised that I actually didn’t know what kind of framework it was that I was going to make this library work with. So I started to backtrace the code from the point where the codec is created – this resulted in these notes.

The idea is that I’ll start to document my understanding of each of the functions in the nsMediaDecoder interface that I need to modify to get the compile going, later I might expand this to a bigger subset of the functions in the interface. The idea being that if I find something, then I better write it down. – if it is trivial, then it’s fast to write down, if it isn’t trivial then I’ll probably be happy that I wrote it down if I need to go back to the function at a later time 🙂

I made a document to keep track of the individual functions (it’s blank as I write this) that can be found here.