So I got Ubuntu running in the virtual machine, I got scratchbox running, my initial update of the previous integration of GStreamer copied to the Ubuntu disk, with the best verison of mozconfig that I could find – but I needed to have the gstreamer developer package installed into scratchbox – this is what I did (with thanks to the help I got from the people on #mobile):

Search for the correct package name (run from within scratchbox):

[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~] > apt-cache search gstreamer

This gives a list of all the packages that has something to do with gstreamer, I knew I wanted the dev package, since I was going to need the header files in order to be able to compile the integration code.

From the list of packages I found “libgstreamer0.10-dev”, so next was to install it:

[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~] > apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-dev

BINGO! my build now passed the point where it complained about not being able to find the gstreamer lib 🙂

Now it was complaining about JAVA 🙁

Stay tuned for the next update!