So getting the mozconfig file right, I now faced the next problem:

checking for X11/extensions/XDamage.h… no
configure: error: Couldn’t find X11/extensions/XDamage.h which is required for composite plugins.

hmm… could this be from adding the gstreamer lib? – An initial google search didn’t give much hint’s except there seems to be a libxdamage package.. hmm… wonder what a:

[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~/mozilla-central] > apt-cache search xdamage

will do… a number of packages called something with libxdamage, I start to see a pattern here 🙂 – lets try to install it:

[…: ~/mozilla-central] > apt-get install libxdamage-dev

Yep, that was it – wonder if the next error has the same solution, first the error is:

configure: error: Could not find the following X libraries: -lXComposite

Search for the lib:

[…: ~/mozilla-central] > apt-cache search lXComposite

How about:

[…: ~/mozilla-central] > apt-cache search XComposite

Yep, we got a hit ! – I misinterpreted the error message, the -l is probably an option meaning library, hence the “l” is not part of the library name – lets install it, and move along:

[…: ~/mozilla-central] > apt-get install libxcomposite-dev

Problem solved [2-0] to me 🙂 – next problem is an:

mmap: Permission denied

Where did I see this one before….